1. General
1.1 All Electric Technics Ltd sales and services are subject to these conditions only unless varied in writing by Electric Technics Ltd.
1.2 Time is of the essence in all of these conditions.
2. Misrepresentation Act
2.1 Information and technical data contained in catalogues and technical publications is for guidance only. Electric Technics Ltd is not liable for
mistakes and wrong interpretations of such information.
2.2 Electric Technics Ltd is not liable for verbal representations about any of the products which they support.
3. Acceptance of Order
An order is not accepted until Electric Technics Ltd sends written acknowledgement to the Customer/Purchaser or part or all of the products
and services ordered are despatched.
4. Alterations
Electric Technics Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or make alterations to its products and services without notice or liability.
5. Cancellation of Orders
A Customer/Purchaser who cancels an order shall pay Electric Technics Ltd for any loses suffered as a result. Losses not exceeding 25% of
the purchase price of the cancelled order shall be paid upon request and without proof of loss.
6. Delivery & Delivery Charges
6.1 All products despatched by Electric Technics Ltd will be delivered by a method of transport selected by Electric Technics Ltd in the
absence of contrary agreement with the Customer/Purchaser. The Customer/Purchaser shall pay Electric Technics Ltd for all transport and
handling charges in addition to the purchase price of the products (unless stated otherwise).
6.2 All chargeable repairs are subject to transport and handling charges.
6.3 By agreement Electric Technics Ltd may undertake express delivery of products within mainland Great Britain but subject to payment of an
express delivery charge in addition to the product price.
6.4 By arrangement the Customer/Purchaser may collect products from Electric Technics Ltd at short notice subject to the payment of an
express handling charge in addition to the product price.
6.5 Electric Technics Ltd will try to meet the Customer/Purchasers requirements for delivery dates and to indicate when products are
expected to be available for despatch but Electric Technics Ltd is not liable for any losses arising from delays and despatch or delivery.
6.6 Details of prevailing transport handling restocking and express charged are available from Electric Technics Ltd upon request
7. Risk
7.1 Products and services are at the risk of the Customer/Purchaser from the time of despatch and the Customer/Purchaser is then liable for
the invoice value. Claims for incorrect delivery shortages, damage to goods in transit or other discrepancies notified in writing to Electric
Technics Ltd and the Carrier within 7 days of delivery may be considered. Claims for non-delivery may also be considered if notified to Electric
Technics Ltd within 14 days of the date of despatch shown on the invoice.
7.2 Electric Technics Ltd is not liable for any loss or damage to products returned for repair or credit unless Electric Technics Ltd agrees to
repair or replace them under warranty and the Customer/Purchaser sends a separate advice to Electric Technics Ltd at the date of despatch
and is not negligent in the packing, addressing or choice of transport for the products returned.
8. Price
8.1 The price payable by the Customer/Purchaser is the quotation/Basket price prevailing at the time dated on the formal quotation/Basket less any agreed
discount. Electric Technics Ltd is entitled to alter list prices and discounts on products but will normally try to give one months notice of
such alterations. Electric Technics Ltd prices are exclusive of VAT which will be added at the appropriate rate.
9. Terms of Payment.
9.1 Unless previously agreed, Credit account Invoices are strictly 30 days net and, unless otherwise agreed are payable by the end of the month following
despatch of products or completion of an installation irrespective of delivery date.
9.2 If the Customer/Purchaser fails to pay the invoiced price on a due date then, without prejudice to any other rights or remedy available to
Electric Technics Ltd, Electric Technics Ltd shall be entitled to:
9.2.1 Cancel the contract or suspend any further deliveries and services to the Customer/Purchaser.
9.2.2 Appropriate any payment made by the Customer/Purchaser to such of the products and services (or the products and services supplied
under any other contract between the Purchase and Electric Technics Ltd) as Electric Technics Ltd may think fit (notwithstanding any
purported appropriation by the Customer/Purchaser).
9.2.3 Charge the Customer/Purchaser interest ( both before and after any judgment) on the amount unpaid at the rate of 3% per annum above
National Westminster Bank Rate from time to time until payment in full is made (a part of a month being treated as a full month for the purpose
of calculating interest)
9.2.4 The Risk in the goods shall past to the buyer on delivery, but the goods remain the property of Electric Technics Ltd until paid for in Full.
10.0.1 Any drawings, diagrams or literature supplied by Electric Technics Ltd relating to the quote are strictly confidential and are the
intellectual property of Electric Technics Ltd and must not be printed, copied, reproduced or shared with any other person, party or company
without written consent in the form of a formal letter from Electric Technics Ltd. Any reproduction of the for mentioned drawings diagrams or
literature may result in legal action.
11. Supplied Goods.
11.0.1 All Control Panels and products supplied by Electric Technics Ltd are tested fully prior to despatch. This ensures the Control Panel will function as
expected when installed correctly. If part or all the control panel is assumed to be faulty, the goods can be returned.
11.1.1 Our returns Policy.
Items must be returned within 14 days. This period begins from the day you receive your order.
11.1.2 If you find an assumed fault with any of the parts within the Control Panel you have purchased the procedure below must be followed.
1. Contact the Electric Technics Service team on 01827 260 111 or and request a FGR document.
2. Complete the document and return this to Electric Technics Ltd.
3. A quotation will be provided for the assumed faulty parts + carriage fees.
4. Send a Purchase Order for the value of the quotation to Electric Technics Ltd.
5. The Purchase Order must contain the carriage charge unless you are collecting from Electric Technics Ltd, The Green House, Ninian
Way, Wilnecote, Tamworth, STAFFS, B77 5DE.
6. Upon receipt of the Purchase Order, the replacement goods will be despatch on the next available collection time from our carrier.
7. The assumed faulty parts must be returned to the following address: – Electric Technics Ltd, The Green House, Ninian Way,
Wilnecote, Tamworth, STAFFS, B77 5DE. A copy of the FGR document must be placed in the box with the assumed faulty goods. The goods
must be returned within 7 days of the FGR document request.
8. Once the goods have been returned, the goods will be subject to a fault diagnosis procedure. If the goods are found to be genuinely
faulty, a refund to the value of the Purchase order will be made.
9.A refund will not be issued for one or more of the following reasons,
a) Improper handling. b) Improper installation methods. c) Improper connections from outside of the control panel. d) Goods not faulty.
11.1.3 In the event that goods fit into one of the categories listed in process above, an Inspection document will be sent to the customer for
review. The goods will be available for collection from the Electric Technics Ltd premises for 7 days after the Inspection notice has been
issued. It is the customers responsibility to collect the goods within this period. If the goods are not collected within this period, the goods will
be disposed of by Electric Technics Ltd with no obligation to supply a replacement of any sort.