What are energy surveys and audits?

One of the biggest concerns for all types of modern business is how to reduce expenditure on business-critical elements such as energy consumption.

A building energy audit is a hands-on step to classify, quantify and prioritise perceptible opportunities to decrease energy use, costs and carbon emissions in premises or on a site. It can also evaluate the possibility of renewable energy opportunities. We can provide a comprehensive viability study to help you pin point the most suitable low carbon solution and help you take advantage of any Feed-in Tariffs. and Renewable Heat Incentives.

A commercial energy or a building energy audit from Electric Technics Ltd  can help your business reduce its energy expenditure by at least 10% and develop a highly effective energy saving strategy.

Multi-site energy efficiency audits.

Our multi-site energy efficiency survey is ideal for companies that inhabit large numbers of comparable buildings, such as retail units.

It starts by classifying all sites against each other to determine the least energy efficient locations followed by energy efficiency surveys of an appropriate number of those sites.

Your report will include both recommendations specific to the sites audited and general recommendations that are anticipated to apply to all units.

Why should you have an energy audit?

Buildings offer many opportunities to decrease energy use and expenses. An energy inspection enables these opportunities to be precisely acknowledged, measured and prioritised. This can provide a business case to exploit opportunities and lead to venture on energy efficiency and renewable technology.

Case Study.

Before you can reduce your energy usage, you need to know Where and How its been used and by Who? A long-term customer of Electric Technics Ltd required this exact information. We were able to retro fit energy metering to pin point (in some cases down to 5 second intervals) where the usage peaks and troughs were. We then applied scheduling, load shedding and optimisation settings to enable the customer to manage their usage. Additionally, by using the tools readily available, we were able to reduce the sites maximum demand. Maximum Demand is measured in Kva and relates to the Capacity Charge from you electricity supplier which incidentally, you are charged for whether you use it or not…..

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