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Our Industry.

The Electrical contracting is the business of bringing lighting, power, and communications to buildings and communities across the United Kingdom and around the world. In the U.K., it is an industry valued at over $12 billion annually made up of over 15,000 electrical contracting firms employing over 80,000 electrical workers.


Electric Technics Ltd sponsors electrical apprentices allowing them to earn a paycheck while learning their craft.

What is an Electrician?

An electrician a person trained (and certified) to perform electrical work. Electrical work is a highly technical profession that requires a thorough understanding of how electricity works along with the materials and components used to deliver power, as well as electrical safety and standards.

What is a Refrigeration Commissioning Engineer?

Refrigeration commissioning engineers ensure that all aspects of a refrigeration system or “Front End” are, installed, tested and communicating with third party upstream data collection systems. They perform troubleshooting tasks, monitor progress, perform tests, conduct audits, write reports and assist clients.

Commissioning engineers have many job duties in common with Refrigeration Engineers as well as Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. They work in an “On Site” environment much of the time and traveling is required.  Sometimes Commissioning Engineers have to work overtime to complete project deadlines or meet with clients.

What is a Gas Detection Engineer?

Gas detectors are useful for Commercial and Industrial use and can be used for Leak Detection but more importantly, Life Protection. In industry, they are used to detect very small leaks or fluctuations in levels of various gases for a certain level of toxicity. Our Gas Detection Engineer career opportunities provide:-

  1. Understanding the Health and Safety implications of the industry.
  2. Training in understanding each type of gas detector and how they use different technologies to achieve the same end result.
  3. Installation methods in each type of gas detector.
  4. Testing and Calibration of gas detectors.

Interested in a career in:-

  • Electrical Contracting Industry.
  • Becoming a Refrigeration Electrical Commissioning Engineer.
  • Becoming a Electrical Engineer.
  • Becoming a Gas Detection Engineer.

Please give the office a call and request a Career Application form.