Temperature Calibrations

Calibration of temperature devices such as thermometers and probes are located in many industries to control and safeguard the quality of the products within. This is also a requirement of HACCP. Temperature probes are used in a vast verity of locations such as: –

  • Cold stores
  • Chiller rooms
  • Display cabinets
  • HVAC systems
  • Pharmaceutical production and storage buildings
  • Food transport infrastructure
  • Plant Controls

Probe Calibrations are a requirement to safeguarding the care and quality of products. Additionally, incorrect probe signals also contribute to increased energy usage.



Gas Detection Calibrations

The Calibration of gas detection and monitoring systems is vital to ensure measured values are truthful and meaningful. Alarm settings cannot be depended on upon unless the system has been calibrated in accordance with the manufacturers recommended guidelines. All manufacturers of gas detection systems recommend different calibration intervals which should be conformed to. This is to ensure the system will function as deigned. Most of these systems have 4 functions.
1. Reduce the leak of toxic or asphyxiating substances.
2. Reduce the financial burden of purchasing replacement gas.
3. Reduce insurance premiums.
4. Most importantly, preservation of life.
To calibrate these systems, specialised calibration mixtures are used. The mixtures are certified and a complete audit transability of the contents is documented from cradle to grave giving the end user the confidence that Electric Technics Ltd have the customers welfare as our primary objective.


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